The Paradox of Leadership, a Realtor's Worth

Posted by Karen Davis on Tuesday, June 11th, 2019 at 1:54pm.

Knowledge and Authority are of course great assets to Leadership, but they are not everything. A leader does not say “hey, you-get going”, a leader says “let’s go!” Excellent real estate professionals assume they are working with their clients, not telling their clients what to do. Assuming a partnership or a team attitude when working with people creates leaders in the industry. There is humility of service in this approach. Humility is not letting people walk all over you; it is a realization of your role in the partnership. Knowledge and authority will go so far and then collaboration must work.

We have to believe and trust in the people we accept as clients. This brings out the best in people and elevates them to your professional expectations. When clients see the heart at work, not just the business head, your leadership role is cemented. The leader sets the plan of action and implements it! Realtors® are King Makers! We are interested in the enrichment and abundance of our clients’ futures.

It is extremely fulfilling to see our clients over the years build their wealth and well-being with the help of our leadership. The leader keeps his eye on the Goal and is not looking to get things his way, but the best way. This requires an open mind mentality and the ability to think ahead.

So when we put on the mantle of leadership, yes it is wonderful to reap the benefits; honors, accolades, success and power. Just remember the weight of the mantle includes responsibility and humility. Working with leaders in this industry is a daily honor and the endeavor is worthy. Carry your leadership role with the Pride it deserves!


By Karen Davis, Professional Development, Royal LePage Solutions

Street Sign for Leadership Lane


“Wealth and Fame are by-products, not Qualifications to Lead” ~Simon Sinek

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