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Posted by Karen Davis on Friday, September 20th, 2019 at 11:53am.

“For those who drill through the Rock of Inertia, Life leaps like a geyser.”   ~Alexis Carrel

I am always looking for ways to manage my most precious commodity, Time. So my insight for the week is self-management. Getting out of my own way! Here are some tips that I have added to my time management course:

1.) Put first things first (Prioritize)

2.) Do one thing at a time

3.) Break the large jobs down into smaller parts completing one step at a time. This stops the larger jobs from seeming overwhelming.

4.) Make your system the slave, don’t be a slave to your system

5.) Use actual lists (don’t make the brain work when it does not have to)

6.) Practice intensive concentration, so you can call on the brain as needed

7.) Practice constructive habits. This can be anything from hanging your keys in the same spot habitually to handling emails only at the top of the hour.

8.) Organize, don’t agonize. Perhaps there is a small technical trick about your car or your phone that you need to learn. Take the time, learn it and save yourself time and stress! It may be that closet or desk top, put it in order and stop the agony!

9.) Have goals and incentives. Everyone needs rewards. When something is attained self appreciation is called for. No one can quite understand the effort of accomplishment other than the person actually overcoming an obstacle. Make time to reward the journey and the completion. Make the goals worthy of the reward!

 “You don’t need more time in your day, you need to decide.” ~Seth Godin

Karen Davis, Professional Development, Royal LePage Solutions


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