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Posted by Karen Davis on Thursday, June 13th, 2019 at 11:48am.

Realtors are Centers of Influence. Have you ever noticed that the moment people in the room find out you are a Realtor® that the conversation always turns to the subject of Real Estate? A real estate problem or story immediately comes up, or your unsolicited opinion is sought. Your center of Influence comes from your hours of networking, your reputation among your colleagues, the vast amount of people and clients you work with and know, your public image, and I could go on and on! Realtors become centric to a very large Circle of Influence. Influence is a very valuable and powerful asset.

 It is marvelous to see our Associates find joy in other peoples’ happiness and success! Realtors® are King-makers. When a young man or woman first believe, they can own their own home, when a new family takes possession of their keys, when a retiring couple is finally free of lawns and shoveling snow, chances are a realtor was there! I see Associates every day happy and fulfilled in their actions that have culminated in someone else’s achievement. Yes, we are remunerated for our effort, but many careers do not come with the selfless happiness for another that a realtor knows.

Community Watch! This is something that I have been personally fortunate to see over the years, Realtors® coming to the help of community. We are out in the neighborhoods at all hours of the day and night. I have seen everything from lost children found, to dropped wallets safely returned, intoxicated drivers taken off the road by a timely call and even crime prevention by observation and sometimes just by presence. We are not in communities looking for problems or ‘policing’, but Agents in the field come across situations and are quick to identify and assess the unusual and seek appropriate resolution. Well done!

 We are Privacy Watchdogs. With an understanding of Designated Agency Brokerage, we are automatically aware of required information barriers. Realtors® know how to keep confidential matters just that, Confidential! Consumers can be assured that their information goes no further than their Agent. CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation) regulates when we can and cannot contact the public. Did you know? You must have permission to contact clients after a service agreement is ended? Part of your close and follow up strategy to a sale should always include a CASL permission to contact!

Holders of the Keys! The level of trust the client has to provide with access to the most personal part of their lives---their home, is the highest trust that can be placed with another! We are the holder of   the keys. The Sentri-lock box system is just another tool to us as we get busy and involved in the volume of our business. I remind you of the highest trust placed in you and that well placed trust is a value you can add to all the other professional attributes you possess!

As a part of a successful business, Realtors® must possess sharp business acumen. We are seen as people/agents who buy and sell homes. Underneath the smooth glide of the duck, the webbed feet are madly peddling! That’s a Realtor®! We must understand and determine our expenses, keep up the bookkeeping, manage our Client data bases and connections, maintain our documents and records, determine our marketing strategies for our business and for our listings, attend pertinent education and, attend community and networking events. All of these business decisions and activities do not involve buying or selling property, yet we excel at them in order for our business to thrive. Management abilities are one of the pillars our business rests on. Often these activities are the least favorite, but integral to our success!

We have People Skills! Realtors® are front line in the lives of clients when they are experiencing the best in their lives and when they are experiencing the worst in their lives. We list and sell homes when people experience abundance (new jobs, marriage, children) and when people experience loss (job loss, ill health, divorce, death…) It is a fine mix of compassion, experience, duty and knowledge that create the insight we possess when knowing and doing what is right for the client. We have been teachers and leaders to many as they navigate their transitions, just as we have learned and gained experience from our clients’ situations. Communication, wisdom, understanding what the client needs and what the client needs to hear at what particular time is a gift of leadership that Real Estate Professionals possess.


Never forget the value of your ‘intellectual property’. Realtors know everything from basic neighborhood information to intricate details of particular streets, zoning complications etc. we often take our Inventory knowledge for granted, but who else has been in so many properties over years to understand the value of the product? Compound our knowledge of the market, the economy, the local geography, the product, how to conduct negotiations and manage contractual obligations and you have an intellectual worth of great value to any consumer!

The agent in the field is often the Local Economist of Choice! An Economic specialist is someone who is able to offer expert advice on a variety of subjects with specific data that help form options in making serious decisions. That is, you! Just MLS data alone is an economic font of information. Often, we have to return our clients to reason and confidence in their decisions with our professional expertise. Rational thinking with numbers and facts to back it up allows our clients to benefit from realistic economic expectations. Economic knowledge is a powerful source of motivation and reassurance.

 Philanthropy: the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes. (North American Dictionary) It is such an honor to work in a profession working side by side with professionals that are so dedicated to their communities and the people they serve. I am always so struck by the generosity of Realtors® and their capacity to ‘give back’. My own experience is of course with our own Shelter Foundation, but Philanthropy is evident in our entire profession. We get to see first- hand the difference made by our direct contribution of time, effort and funds.

Never forget Realtors® represent the Law. Real Estate Professionals stand in the way of Fraud and many other illegal activities. Real Estate Professionals are instrumental in protection and education for the consumer being a ‘first line’ barrier preventing everything from money laundering to zoning liabilities.


By Karen Davis, Professional Development, Royal LePage Solutions

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