June 2019

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Realtors are Centers of Influence. Have you ever noticed that the moment people in the room find out you are a Realtor® that the conversation always turns to the subject of Real Estate? A real estate problem or story immediately comes up, or your unsolicited opinion is sought. Your center of Influence comes from your hours of networking, your reputation among your colleagues, the vast amount of people and clients you work with and know, your public image, and I could go on and on! Realtors become centric to a very large Circle of Influence. Influence is a very valuable and powerful asset.

 It is marvelous to see our Associates find joy in other peoples’ happiness and success! Realtors® are King-makers. When a young man or woman first believe, they can

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Knowledge and Authority are of course great assets to Leadership, but they are not everything. A leader does not say “hey, you-get going”, a leader says “let’s go!” Excellent real estate professionals assume they are working with their clients, not telling their clients what to do. Assuming a partnership or a team attitude when working with people creates leaders in the industry. There is humility of service in this approach. Humility is not letting people walk all over you; it is a realization of your role in the partnership. Knowledge and authority will go so far and then collaboration must work.

We have to believe and trust in the people we accept as clients. This brings out the best in people and elevates them to your professional expectations. When

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