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Common Questions

As a "rule of thumb" you can afford to buy a home equal in price to twice your gross annual income... Read All

Moving in Alberta

Moving can be a stressful time for everyone, even pets! However, preparation is the key to success... Read All

Alberta Homeowners Insurance

Home insurance, also called hazard insurance or homeowners insurance, is a type of insurance that... Read All

How Much do I Qualify For?

When buying a home, it is helpful to determine the type of home you'll like and how much you can afford... Read All

Get a Mortgage Pre-Approval

Most mortgage lenders take the guess work out of applying for a loan by determining for you... Read All

Making an offer to purchase

Finding the house you want to make your dream home can be an incredibly exciting moment... Read All

Title Insurance in Alberta

Generally, there are two forms of title insurance. Lender's title insurance, required by most lending... Read All

Using a Buyer's Agent

Until the early 1990’s, direct representation of buyers was basically nonexistent. As public interest in... Read All

Calgary Home Inspections/Edmonton Home Inspections

Buying a home may well be the largest financial investment you will ever make. Naturally you will... Read All

Alberta Home Warranty Program

A home warranty is an affordable way to cover the costs of unexpected mechanical failure of a major system or appliance. A home warranty is specifically designed to... Read All


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